Terms & Conditions

These general Terms and Conditions are applicable to all placed orders by the customer with FRENCH VILLA LLC / WALLPAPER STORE MIAMI.

The reception of the goods by the customer results in the unambiguous acceptance of their compliance with the expected quantity and quality.

Every complaint concerning the quality of the goods or services must be done, in order to be valid, by email within 3 days from the date of delivery.

Filling a complaint does not liberate the customer from his payment obligations.

No orders will be placed without full payment in advance.

By giving your credit card information to French Villa LLC / Wallpaper Store Miami, you accept the charge of the full amount of your invoice and you agree with our Terms and Conditions.



Note that all sales are final and aren’t subject to any refund.

We won’t accept any returns of wallpaper already installed, wallpaper rolls opened or wallpapers ordered specially for you.

We aren’t responsible of wallpaper damages or defects sent directly by the supplier, you will be under the supplier policy insurance.

We are not responsible for measurements given by the customer.


We accept all credit cards, debit cards and wire transfers.

For payment by check, the order will not be placed until the bank will receive the money.

For all returning check, an additional $50 fee will be charged.


It is particularly important that you carefully double check the shipping information you are providing us, we are not responsible for wrong delivery information.

Packages lost by a third party, as UPS or FEDEX, are under the freight company insurance and responsibility.

For all orders shipped directly to a freight forwarder, we won’t be responsible of any damage or lost after the package has been delivered.

It is the customer responsibility to check that the correct material is received.


The processing shipping time is different for each brand. All shipping information is given in business days which exclude weekends and holidays.

Note that for overseas products, the custom release can delay your shipping. We are always working hard to deliver all goods on time.


The highest quality craftsmanship has been employed in producing this product, along with careful and thorough inspection before shipment. Ultimately, however final inspection and approval is your responsibility. Therefore, it is important to examine your wallcovering to ensure all rolls have the same item and run number and are in good condition BEFORE cutting and hanging it.

Be aware that no claims will be accepted after cutting or hanging the wallpaper. Note that for natural wallcovering, with the same run number, a color variation between panels is normal and can’t be acceptable as a claim. Seams are most of the time visible for all natural products or even for vinyl product that look like grass cloth, horizontal lines or with a thick texture.


You need to provide us the correct email and phone number of your management office in order to send all documents required.

Please make sure to contact us minimum 1 week in advance to schedule your installation.

If you need to cancel your installation, make sure to inform French Villa LLC / Wallpaper Store Miami at least 48 hours before the former date scheduled. For all cancellation made after this frame time a $200 fee will be applied automatically.

We required a person to be on site during the installation, with authority to make decisions, and verify color emplacement and final result.

It is your responsibility to check the texture of your walls before choosing your wallcovering if any doubt you can send us pictures and we will help you.

In order to install your wallcovering, your walls need to be perfectly flat and smooth.

The wallpaper installation need to be done AFTER all ceilings and walls painting. Also all baseboards need to be installed and caulking needs to be done prior the wallpaper installation.

Our installers are here to ensure a perfect wallpaper installation but you may need a handyman to remove TV, artworks, heavy furniture, or other items not listed. We don’t take any responsibility on TV damages.

All installation payment, must be paid in full the day our installers are coming in.

All claims must be reported during the installation or within the next 24 hours.

NOTE THAT SOME ISSUES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE AS CLAIMS (ex: seams visible on black wallpaper, matching difference if the walls that are not straight…).